The annual Gathering preparation phase was a moment where we were able to collect numerous initiatives from all our regions though only some of them could be presented due to time constraints. The movement has been a harvest field of initiatives and as I look into the number of years our movement has been in UAE, which is more than 2 decades now, I am sure that we could have more initiatives than we can possibly imagine
In light to this I would like to share about the importance of personal mission & becoming part of a Ministry. As we all know, in our Jesus Youth movement we have various ministries and some of us are already part of it. One of the primary focus of the National council is to encourage all Jesus Youth to identify their Charisms and to work on it. (If anyone finds it difficult to understand the word Charism, in simple layman’s term it refers to Talents).God has bestowed many talents upon all of us and all that is required is for us to identify those Charisms/ Talents and use it for HIS Glory. Ministering through our charisms helps us get energized and doesn’t turn out to be a burden as it is the Holy spirit ministering through the charisms bestowed on us.
The Decoration Ministry, Music Ministry, Audio Visual Ministry, Intercession Ministry, Outreach Ministry, Literature Ministry, Prolife Ministry, Preaching Ministry, Writing Ministry, Literature Ministry, Kids Ministry, Youth Ministry, Teens Ministry etc are just some of the few of them through which we see our Jesus Youth effectively reaching out and ministering
I still remember my early days in Jesus Youth when I was doing my engineering. I came to Jesus Youth through my College Prayer Group and later I got involved in my parish Prayer Group. But my actual growth started when I devoted myself to ministry. Initially, I started getting involved in the Prolife Ministry even though my convictions were not deep. My only desire and attitude was that I wanted to do something for the Lord and I soon realized that ministry was a good platform for glorifying my Lord. Initially I was not doing big things in ministry. I remember the initial days where I was the driver of my ministry because I had my own bike and I used to take others for various programs to other parishes. Slowly I got involved in meeting priests, organizing Seminars, leading Adoration, etc. Now when I look back, I realize that they were beautiful molding grounds for me.
When I came to UAE, we saw the possibilities of a prolife ministry in UAE and we started the same in Abu Dhabi. In 2004 when I was elected to the Malayalam team they entrusted me the responsibility of prolife ministry. I remember one incident that in one of the St. Thomas day celebrations, one person dedicated one song for the Infants aborted. Noticing this,I contacted the person for our ministry. And he has been an active Jesus Youth since then.In this way, we all reached out to many others. We had a very good experience of fellowship, time of prayer, studying and doing many activities together. With the power of the prayer we organized many programs. And all the programs had big fruits also. Many leaders were formed through these initiatives and even after these many years, they are still actively involved in ministry where ever they are. The beautiful aspect is that we all grown through that ministry.
We also had regular Prayer groups, training programs, formation programs and conferences etc... All these helped us to grow in the Lord, know more about movement etc.
In a nutshell, if one wants to do something for the Lord using their talents, the best way is to become a part of one ministry. I don’t need to advocate any particular ministry rather would suggest that we prayerfully discern and choose any ministry for which we feel the Lord inspiring us to and for which we have passion for. It might be Audio Visual, Music, Intercession, Teaching & preaching, Prolife, and Outreach ministry etc.

Can we reflect and take a resolution for this year, that we would discern, identify and use our talents for the Lord .A few suggestions to help out in this would be:
1. Start praying now itself for identifying your Talents/ Charism/ Passion
2. Identify your Talents/ Charism which God has entrusted to you
3. Consult with your Elder
4. Discuss in your Cell Group
5. Accept the call and take a decision to focus in ministering and building god’s kingdom through these Talents/charisms.
6. Start preparing for that, get trained (If you want any trainings please let your coordinators know) etc
7. Be part of one ministry
Those who are in the Remote places also can use their talents for building HIS kingdom. They can intercede for others; they can outreach to the nearby people and can start a prayer group, they can use their time for studying and teaching etc..
Let us dream of a UAE, where all of us, Jesus Youth, would be more effective in our ministry through identifying our talents and being part of a ministry .
I am sure if we all use our Talents for our Lord we can a great harvest of initiatives in our next annual Gathering, 2015
May our good Lord bless all of us to find our Charism and be part of one ministry.