Jesus Youth Annual Gathering -2014


The month of December opens doors to a significant time of grace, blessings and spiritual rejuvenation. In the life of every Jesus Youth member in UAE, December is all the more special.
On the 2nd of December, UAE celebrates its National Day, a day which showcases extraordinary patriotism throughout the country from both locals and expatriates. People come together in a festive mood to celebrate the history, culture, progress and above all the historic union of all the 7 Emirates of the UAE under the remarkable leadership of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan who continues to be honored as the father of this great nation.
On this day Jesus Youth UAE also celebrates its Annual Gathering; where Jesus Youth members from every region and every walk of life in the UAE came together as one to revel in the grace of the Holy Spirit – the forerunner of the movement. This year this celebration took place at St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Abu Dhabi and saw Jesus Youth members experiencing the joy of the Lord through time of praise and worship, Holy Mass and Eucharistic Adoration as well as inspiring talks by exemplary Jesus Youth leaders, thought provoking exhibits, artistic displays and fellowship with Jesus Youth brothers and sisters. This colorful and spirit-filled day witnessed a gathering of over 2000 Jesus Youth members within UAE.
Spiritual preparation and formation plays a pivotal role in the life of a Jesus Youth and every endeavor of the movement. Prior to the Annual Gathering, 21 Days of preparation was initiated through soul stirring reflections via daily emails. This reflection helped participants prepare themselves for the big day more meaningfully through prayer, confession, intercession, thanksgiving and much more .
One of the most solid and remarkable pillars of the Jesus Youth Movement in the Vicariate of Southern Arabia, is His Excellency Bishop Paul Hinder. Bishop Paul inaugurated the Annual Gathering along with many brother Priests and Religious Sisters from around UAE. The event kick started with an inaugural ceremony that included a parade of flags representing the different nations where JY has its evangelizing presence. This gesture was followed by the releasing of white doves by H.E Bishop Paul Hinder as a mark of freedom, peace and joy to the accompaniment of Masterplan’s symphonic music.
This annual gathering we echoed the passion and efforts of His Holiness Pope Francis towards the sanctity and joyful flourishing of natural families in the world, by selecting the theme of -“Jesus Youth A Joyful Family” for the gathering. This important theme came alive as we witnessed the vibrant representation of Jesus Youth from different nationalities such as Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, Lebanese, Palestinian, Nigerians, Kenyans and many more all under one big roof!
The main highlights of this year’s Annual Gathering were the three noteworthy exhibitions on Prolife, Mission and Saints. People thronged to browse and learn important facts about their Catholic life from these exhibitions. Parents and children alike were moved by the creative and informative display of Church’s teaching on the topic of pro-life and abortion.
This year we also had five booths dedicated to Thoolika, a newsletter initiative by Jesus Youth Dubai, Outreach Child Support, World Youth Day, KAIROS and Intercession.
The participants were kept enthusiastically engaged through the five breakout sessions on Mission, Women Leadership, Teen Ministry, Personal Prayer & Word of God as well as JY Lifestyle & Charisms
Selected initiatives in the areas of outreach, New Evangelization, home schooling, Kids Ministry were showcased to encourage and challenge the audience to take up their call and personal missions seriously, prompting participants to contemplate their relationship with Christ and their readiness to serve Him as He wills, through the use of gifts, charisms and talents He has bestowed on everyone.
This extraordinary gathering concluded with a spiritually edifying time of Eucharistic Adoration. A time when all the participants flocked together in one sheepfold in the presence of their Divine Shepherd, to worship and adore Him. The gathering came to a close with the grand finale led by Masterplan which included song and dance, bringing an energetic and blessed end to the eventful day.