Go into the Vineryard



We proudly believed that our sedentary lifestyle is a missionary family lifestyle. However, holidays of 2012 made us to reflect a lot more on our purpose. We decided not to take any more unnecessary holidays and also prepared ourselves to break-forth from our comfort-zones!

 August 2013, we booked our holidays for JY One Month Mission (OMM) project and decided to move to Africa. We wished to re-kindle our missionary zeal and seed our children with mission experiences. No one recommended traveling to Africa with four children, especially with a toddler. Their concerns are legitimate because Uganda suffers from infectious diseases and child sacrifices. However, we decided to move because we felt it is a call for us.

 It took two days to move from Abu Dhabi to Africa. We were totally exhausted when we reached our destination – Fort Portal, Uganda.

 Each day, we had different assignments. Sometime as early as morning 4 O’clock and sometimes at night slept in hallways because it was too dark to return to home. We travelled with children and that was one of the advantages we had. People welcomed us everywhere, all of them loved children. There hospitalities are exceptional. They love and care for their guests. We met the youth and introduced them to Jesus Youth, reached to refugees, shared lunch with a family whose head was killed by rebels, met abandoned babies, sobbing youth in prison and teenagers who do not have money to buy clothes. Some of the incidents brought us tears and some to our knees. The resident missionary family helped us a lot in our mission. Their spiritual and missionary lifestyle helped us a lot to mold our family. Daily they skip their lunch to reduce their mission expenses, there children are more mission responsible and the native youth travel with them from one place to another. We learned a lot from them on molding youths.

 There were days of challenges, challenges always fuel the mission fire. We never knew Uganda was an earthquake prone area until tremors reached us a few times. In UAE, all of us are equipped with all kind of automatic utensils to aid our daily tasks but in Africa we had none. At one point, we wished to have at least a manual blender, but were difficult to find. Washing the clothes by hands was another challenge especially when children often messed with rain water and mud. Period of struggles were also period of miracles. Mother Mary healed our children and angels protected us from all dangers.

 Mission was a time for us to bond closely and tightly. I became a more responsible family leader. Elder children learned how to be responsible to the younger ones and to support their parents". As a family our existence in this world became clearer. An existence of a catholic family in this world is more beautiful than what we thought!


As our leaders say “A missionalways converts the missionary”. One month mission experience was a differentpath than our usual route. We experienced that conversion. It was a verydifferent call. As a Christian it is our responsibility to respond to the callrather than living a happy secular life. Jesus asks: “Why have you beenstanding here idle all day? …. go into the vineyard” (Matthew 20:6-7)

It is high time for you to take a daring step and experience the tremendous change that brings to you and your family.

Smitha and Smiju

Smiju. A. Antony is a senior Jesus Youth from Abu Dhabi, actively involved in the movement for the past many years. It was on year 2000 that he had a personal God experience, which helped him commit himself to the Lord. He works as an Information Analyst with a leading firm in UAE. He is father to his 4 kids- Evangelin, Jonah, Joel and Jeremiah. His wife Smitha is a nurse by profession, who is also actively involved, and supports him in the ministry.



Go into the Vineryard